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We are now meeting in Room 230 of the Price Science Complex at La Sierra University 

Note the new phone number for Wil is 951-687-4556



The Riverside Stamp Club was founded in 1929. It is an affiliated chapter of the American Philatelic Society. It is also a member of the Federated Philatelic Clubs of Southern California We hold monthly meetings from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. on the second Monday of the month. We meet in room 259 (or 230) in Price Science Complex at La Sierra University in western Riverside, California. For details phone Wil Clarke at (951) 687-4556 or 951-231-5402. Please park in lots E, or F.

Upcoming Talks:

April 13, 2015-- T.B.A.
May 11, 2015--T.B.A. 
June 8, 2015-- Dave Elfman--The World, One Glimpse at a Time
July 13, 2015-- T.B.A. 
August 10, 2015-- T.B.A. 
September 14, 2015-- Lynn Volmer 
October 12, 2015-- Jim Breckenridge 
November 9, 2015-- Steve Wimpenny, Social Get-together 
December 14, 2015-- T. B. A.

Previous Talks:

Enjoy looking at slide shows of previous talks:

David Elfman "Collecting Cancels" History & Variety of Cancels
David Elfman "Queen Elizabeth II Definitives of Great Britain" The Wilding series of British stamps
David Elfman "Indentifying Stamps from the Back"
David Elfman "Postmarks of Canada" 
David Elfman "Marginal Collecting" Interesting collecting sidelights
David Elfman "The World One Glimpse at a Time" How many stamps can you identify by seeing only a portion of them?
Greg Ouellette "Revenue Imprinted Documents" Civil War and Spanish American war taxes
Greg Ouellette "What are Revenues?"
Sam McBride "U.S. National Park Issues" James Farley and the U.S. National Park and other issues.
Steve Wimpenny, "Stamps for Cooks" Britain's first Prestige Stamp Booklet
Steve Wimpenny, "'Dead Country' Forgeries" Examples of forgeries of common stamps from the First World War Era.
Steve Wimpenny "Lundy" The Early Stamps of  Lundy Island
Steve Wimpenny "Bisects and Overprints" Interesting Variants of Common Stamps that are Often Forged
Steve Wimpenny "British Postal Strike 2"  The Public Mail, Europa and Mayflower Services.d
Steve Wimpenny "Varieties"  Varieties in British issues 


Find Us:

See this page for detailed directions to La Sierra University.  You can park in lots E, or F. When you come in the CAMPUS ENTRANCE at the bottom of the map ask the person at the gate kiosk to show you how to find Price Science Complex.

Harvey Hoyt, late president of the Riverside Stamp Club, was a pilot during WWII and flew on almost every mission during the Berlin Airlift.


Wil Clarke, President; Roy Protasewich, Treasurer; Carl Rowe, SecretaryLynn Vollmer, Social Secretary

Some of the RSC members are interested in Plate Number Coils (PNC's). The late Jewell Meyer was a nationally recognized authority on PNC's. He has compiled the PNC data included in the recent Linn's U. S. Stamp Yearbooks. Jewell was also vice-president of the Bureau Issues Association.

Check out the Plate Number Coil Album Pages at our site.


Interesting Stamp Related Sites. These are sites that we have found interesting

Print off your own Silent Auction Sheets using MS Excel or a PDF version. Thank you Greg Ouellete!




Founded 1929

Harvey Hoyt 19xx-1999
Robert Kohl 1999-2004
Wil Clarke 2004-present

Jewell Meyer 19xx-2010
Roy Protasewich 2010-Present

Jewell Meyer 19xx-2008
Carl Rowe 2008-Present


Please Contact Wil Clarke, for any comments or questions you might have.